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Personal Finance

Personal finance refers to any and all decisions that relate to the budget of an individual or family. This can include monthly income and their monthly expenses. Loans, credit cards, investment accounts, and retirement plans are also a part of personal finance.
Survivor Needs

Planning to meet the financial needs of your survivors is one of the most important and fundamental steps in creating sound financial strategies for you and your family.
When we compare our survivors’ needs to the total resources we can provide at death, most of us will find a shortfall. A shortfall situation means that our survivors will be left with the choice of either finding additional resources that we have not been able to identify, or do without many of the financial needs that you hope to cover. 
Retirement Needs

The Retirement review compares your current income and capital resource funding projections against your expected costs in retirement. The analysis provides options for consideration if the analysis results in a shortfall.
Disability Needs

The Disability review examines the impact of an unexpected disability. The analysis determines lost income and how long term disability coverage could help replace the lost income.
Long Term Care Needs

The Long Term Care review examines the impact of a long term care health event. The analysis projects the accelerated liquidation of capital resources and conducts a cost comparison of new long term care coverage.
Business Continuation

The Business Continuation review examines business partners’ needs for liquidity through life insurance. It examines several techniques that can be used to safeguard the duel purposes of ensuring the business remains intact while providing the value of a partner’s ownership interest to their heirs
Estate Analysis

The Estate Planning review illustrates the distribution of assets to heirs and the payment of taxes and fees that occur at your’s and/or spouse’s deaths. The analysis then allows the advisor to design estate plan changes, and to illustrate and compare the impact of those changes. It also addresses the scenario where death occurs today, as well as an advisor defined scenario of future death.
Accumulation Funding

The Accumulation review compares current funding projections against an expected capital expenditure. The analysis then provides options for consideration if  it results in a shortfall.
Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation review presents your current assets broken down by asset class and type. The advisor will provide a risk tolerance questionnaire in which the answers provided are used to produce a recommended asset allocation for you. 

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